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Registered Medium of Lily Dale since 1989


  Note:  Currently readings available in June through Labor Day only.

Debra was born in England and raised in Canada and is a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S.

Debra has been practicing mediumship professionally since 1986 and was first registered in Lily Dale in 1989.  Debra was introduced to mediumship by her English Grandmother and Great Aunt who were Spiritualists in England.  

A reading is based on spirit communication from the other side of life.   Guidance is provided and questions answered by your loved ones, spirits and guides.  The experience is healing and uplifting and Debra will put you at ease.

Experience Counts! 30 years of Experience as a Professional Medium


 $70.00  1/2 hour reading

You can record the reading if you would like. Most people use their phones to record. Phone readings available also.



Call or Text:  716.595.2621 May thru Sept. 2018

If you would like an in person session or phone reading during the summer,  please contact Debra at Lily Dale: 716-595-2621 in May, June, July or August.

​Thank you.
Lily Dale address:  3 Marion Street, Lily Dale, NY Box 1101, 14752.

Thank you.

The PayPal button above is only for paying for Phone Readings which are first prearranged by appointment by calling 716.595.2621  Please do not pay for a Phone reading before making an appointment.